What is TOPSIS?

TOPSIS stands for our Threat-Oriented Passenger Screening Integrated System. It is a patented ASERO advanced security screening concept that elevates the capabilities of existing security measures and resources to detect and mitigate threats to civilians while maintaining the highest standards of customer experience and service. Guided by principles of efficiency and flexibility, TOPSIS is tailored to meet the globe’s latest security threats and can be adjusted to suit any environment or existing system.

Who is TOPSIS for?

TOPSIS has been adopted in airports, seaports, land crossings, and mass transportation systems, as well as soft targets.


Our system’s unique ability to bolster security infrastructures rests on ASERO’s belief that security is everybody's business.

We operate along a deep appreciation for all human and technological resources and the power of workforce synergy.

This has allowed us to recognize primary advantages of the frequent interaction non-security staff share with customers and clients on a daily basis.

By training the whole of the workforce through our specially designed system for detecting behavioral anomalies, we are able to translate their presence and abilities into a safer environment and better safety and service experience for everyone.