Our value

We appreciate the importance of transferring knowledge and building our clients’ internal security competencies. We take on every project with the ultimate goal of enabling you to independently apply our training and resources into everyday security practices and business decisions.

Our approach

We provide custom-made security training solutions based on your unique needs and metrics for success. Whether your target is increased operational efficiency, improving performance in crisis situations, or streamlining security protocols, our team works with you to achieve your training goals. Each of our training courses offered can be adapted towards both law enforcement and private sector professionals. We can also restructure your organization’s existing curriculum to better reflect contemporary best practice.


Aviation Security

Blast Mitigation, Physical Protection and Building Integrity

Dignitary Protection

Interviewing and Questioning Techniques for Security

Introduction to Threat and Risk Analysis in Protective Security

Operational Preparedness

Maritime Security

School Safety

Suicide Terrorism: The Threat and Security Response

Security Awareness Training

Threat Awareness and Essential Security Skills for Non-Security Employees

Critical Infrastructure

Behavioral Pattern Recognition: A Proactive Approach to Security


Crisis Management and Emergency Planning in Security

Insights into Terrorism and Adversary Modus Operandi

Major Event Security

Sensitive Installation Protection

Securing Mass Transit Systems

Introduction to Explosives, IEDs and Detection Technologies

Protecting Soft Targets

Operational Planning and Deployment in Protective Security